How to make a dried lavender wand

Making the Dried Lavender Wand

dried lavender wandThis type of lavender wand is much less fiddly to make than a lavender bottle, and it is often more convenient as it can be produced year-round from dried lavender stems. However it is more brittle as the dry flowers may drop with excessive handling.

You will need

  • 13 dried lavender stems, about 30cm long, stripped of leaves & twigs
  • Ribbon 5mm width, 2-3m length
  • Sharp scissors

First tie the stems together below the flower heads with one end of the ribbon, and tie into a bow. Then weave the ribbon around the stems – over two and under two at a time. At the bottom, finish neatly by wrapping the ribbon round the bundle of stems a couple of times before poking it though the bundle and cutting off the excess.

Uses for the Dried Lavender Wand – Weddings

This style would make a very good wedding favour or decoration as the ribbon could be chosen to match the colour scheme. A young bridesmaid would have fun brandishing one instead of a posy, with the benefit of being less expensive!

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