• Dried lavender as a wedding theme

    Posted on March 13, 2012 by in Lavender craft, Weddings

    Dried lavender lends a country feel to your celebration.

    Dried flowers such as dried lavender make lovely wedding confetti & decorations.

    If you are planning a country-style or vintage themed wedding, extend the feel by using dried flowers in the confetti, as table decorations, and even in favours.

    Dried lavender as wedding confettidried lavender confetti ivory rosebuds

    Dried lavender makes a lovely wedding confetti because it is naturally fragrant, and throws like rice. It is 100% natural and biodegradable so will keep your venue happy too.

    The image shows the lavender mixed with a sprinkle of tiny ivory rose buds, but it also works well mixed with heather grains or small rose petals.

    Dried lavender bunchesdried lavender delphinium wheat bouquet

    Lavender and dried flower bunches not only make unusual bridal bouquets, but they can also be used as table decorations. The image shows a lavender bunch with dried delphinium and wheat.

    Large dried lavender bunches and freestanding lavender sheaves can be used as table centres, with mini lavender bunches as table settings or napkin decorations.

    lavender heart wreath

    To continue the lavender wedding theme around the venue, try gluing dried flowers such as the mini lavender bunches onto a heart wreath base.

    Dried lavender wedding favours – lavender bagsorganza lavender bags

    The great thing about organza lavender bags like the ones in the image is that they come in every possible colour, so there is bound to be one that matches your colour scheme.

    Alternatively, make your own bags using vintage fabrics or mix and match patterns.

    And unlike many wedding favours these days, the bags are actually useful too, to freshen drawers, aid sleep or keep the moths away.

    More lavender inspiration for weddings

    Make a lavender wand – great alternative to a bridesmaid posy
    Make your own dried petal confetti
    Make your own confetti cones
    Make lavender shortbread and serve it at the reception

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