• Air drying a daisy bunch

    Posted on April 11, 2012 by in How to dry flowers

    I like drying flowers in my airing cupboard because it’s so simple

    I’m a sucker for plants and couldn’t resist this marguerite plant at the garden centre the other day!

    daisy plant ready for air drying


    daisy bunch

    I cut a few stems and tied them with a raffia bow, adding a sprig of fennel foliage before air drying them.

    I hung the bunch of daisies to dry

    I left them hanging upside down by the raffia in my warm dark airing cupboard for a week and was pleasantly surprised with the results. Unsurprisingly, the stems had shrunk away from the raffia (tip – use rubber bands when hanging bunches up to dry), and were a bit brittle (tip – replace stems with florist wire before drying). From a distance they were a bit scruffy, but close up the air-dried flowers were gorgeous.

    dried daisy bunch

    The dried flowers are beautiful up close

    I love the long straggly petals and the way some of the yellow centres have developed concentric circles.

    dried daisies


    dried daisy flower
    My next post is how I got on drying some similar flowers using silica gel sand.

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