• Delphinium petals Union Jack

    Posted on May 22, 2012 by in Dry flower art

    I’ve just made a Union Jack out of delphinium petals

    And the best thing is they are all British-grown. Perfect timing for the Diamond Jubilee!

    union jack delphinium petals wedding confetti

    Delphinium petals are beautiful dried flower petals often used as wedding confetti

    Delphinium petals make great wedding confetti because they are 100% natural and biogradable and float in the air making photography a doddle. They are available in a variety of colours: I used ivory, pale pink, raspberry, pale blue and indigo for this picture.

    I simply drew out the design in pencil on some card, then glued the petals in place one at a time.

    See also a previous post in which I copied Rossetti’s Fair Rosamund in dried flowers.

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    British dried flower petals are on the rise

    More and more UK farmers are seeking to diversify, and the good news is that many are starting to turn fields over to flower production. Delphinium petals are one of the leading crops along with lavender. So watch out for British-grown dried flowers and wedding confetti – the choice is growing!

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