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    Posted on December 7, 2012 by in Christmas crafts

    Making a Christmas candle ring using fresh foliage

    Christmas candle ring cinnamon sticks orange slices wreath
    This pretty table centre was made using a 20cm coir wreath base. Similar larger wreaths could be made for hanging on a front door.
    I cut the fresh laurel from my garden, which will last at least 2-3 days in a warm house without water (it would last much longer if used outside as a door wreath). For a dried arrangement with a longer shelf life, try gluing on dried bay leaves instead.
    [Never leave a burning candle unattended, and make sure that none of the decoration is close enough to singe.]
    Christmas candle ring making cinnamon sticks orange slices

    Pic 1.

    Pin the ribbon in place at one end then wrap round evenly to completely cover the base, and pin again at the end. I have chosen an orange ribbon to co-ordinate with the dried oranges.

    Pic 2.

    Take about 6 laurel stems, each about 6″ (15cm) long and tie in place using fishing wire. Arrange them to evenly cover the ribbon.

    Pic 3.

    To attach the whole dried oranges, poke a hole carefully with a metal skewer, and tie in place with florists wire.

    Pic 4.

    Make the cinnamon bundles in situ by tying a length of raffia around the wreath, then adding five short cinnamon sticks (these are 15cm sticks broken in half), before tying in place with a bow.

    Pic 5.

    Make the dried orange slice stacks by tying the raffia around the wreath, then pushing through two holes made in two slices before tying with a bow.

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