• Chamomile hair rinse recipe

    Posted on September 10, 2013 by in Making bath products

    Using chamomile flowers

    I’ve been growing chamomile in my veg patch, and after harvesting it, I couldn’t resist using some of it fresh.

    chamomile flowers use dry or fresh

    Chamomile flowers growing in my veg patch.

    I was aware you can use chamomile flowers to enhance your hair colour with yellow tints, but being a brunette, had never tried it. So I asked my daughter who has dark blonde hair if she’d like to give it a go.

    First make strong chamomile tea

    chamomile hair rinse equipment

    Chamomile hair rinse equipment: bowl, fresh chamomile, teapot, jug & strainer.

    My little blue and white teapot only makes a couple of cups, which was enough for one rinse. I put a large handful of fresh chamomile in the pot and steeped for 15 mins in boiling water (you could do the same with dry chamomile). This makes tea too strong to drink but a good yellow colour.

    After 15 mins, I strained the chamomile rinse and made sure it was cool enough to use, then I poured it over clean hair and massaged it in, especially into the ends.

    pouring chamomile rinse

    Pouring chamomile rinse

    Of course we were just making use of a lovely sunny day and most people would put the rinse in a bottle and take it in the shower to apply after shampoo.

    wringing chamomile hair

    Wringing chamomile hair

    Don’t rinse out the chamomile, just leave it in to add a golden sheen to your hair. Plus it is a relaxing herb, so you might actually feel better too!

    dry hair enhanced with chamomile

    Happy blonde daughter

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    [Chamomile should be used with care if pregnant, for those with ragweed allergy, or if taking blood thinning medication.]