• Making a flower press

    Posted on October 4, 2013 by in How to dry flowers

    I love pressing flowers

    …In fact I often spend more time pressing flowers than I do crafting with them afterwards! Here are some flowers I pressed this Spring.

    pressed flowers aquilegia

    Pressed flowers – aquilegia, cow parsley and viburnum opulus

    Making my own flower press

    This summer, after a few failures pressing flowers using my ad hoc blotting-paper-in-a-scrapbook method, I thought I’d try and put together something more permanent and substantial. [Incidentally, I have got a normal “kids” flower press – see blog post on pressed flowers last year – but it doesn’t hold enough specimens for my needs anymore].

    little flower press

    My little flower press and some flowers I used it with last year

    Unlike the gentleman on YouTube (see bottom of page), I do not have carpentry skills and wingnuts, but my method seems to be working OK so far.

    Up-cycled materials

    As mentioned in my dried flower diary for August, I wanted quite a big press, at least A4 paper size. I confidently went out to the garage thinking I’d find a couple of pieces of wood/hardboard/chipboard to fit the bill, but no such luck. However I did come across a couple of ceramic floor tiles, each about 40cm square, which are satisfyingly heavy. I cut enough blotting paper and card for 5 layers. The cardboard was salvaged from some old unused boxes, but I had to buy the blotting paper. Each layer requires 2 sheets of card and 2 sheets of blotting paper to provide sufficient absorbency. Once I had assembled all the flowers into the press with all the layers sandwiched together (I used all five straight away but I can easily add more), I weighed it down with a 10Kg sack of dried lavender from the workshop and left it for a week.

    My pressed flower results

    pressing flowers roses

    Pressing flowers – roses and hydrangeas

    pressed flowers mixed

    Pressed flowers including lavender, caryopteris and fuchsia.

    pressed caryopteris

    Pressed caryopteris flower

    My favourite flower from the batch I pressed this time was caryopteris, because of the range of colours from green and yellow to pink and blue. It reminds me of Ancient Egyptian wall paintings for some reason. I think some pressed flower art is on the cards!

    How to make a flower press: video

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    Buy ready-made pressed flowers & flower presses

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