• Dried flowers diaries October 2013

    Posted on November 3, 2013 by in Diary

    Dried flowers diary a few days late

    I do try and publish my diary posts at the end of each month. This month I was plagued with Worpress-related issues, but after some maintenance it seems to be behaving itself well! So a few days late, but at least the blog is still up and running.

    Finding inspiration in flower shop windows

    The end of October here has been stormy, with heavy rain and high winds. Leaves dropping everywhere, and decidedly Autumnal. In Sussex at this time of year there is a busy season of bonfires starting at the end of September and running right through to mid-November.

    Bonfire procession Rotherfield

    Bonfire procession Rotherfield – a good excuse for dressing up!

    As a family, we visit a few each year, and the good thing is that we end up in parts of the county we wouldn’t normally see. On the night of Rotherfield bonfire, I was excited to find the lovely flower shop in the picture below.

    Dried flowers dried hops flower shop

    Dried flowers and dried hops on display in a Rotherfield flower shop – Highgate Florist

    I love the dried hydrangea flowers, helichrysum and statice hanging from the beams. But the most eye catching thing in the shop was the giant heart made from dried hops.

    Dried flowers posts on the blog

    In October I have been busy with various projects. Follow the links below to find out more!

    Displaying potpourri made with Nicola Stocken

    Although I am impatient to see her article in print when she publishes it in a national magazine, I don’t expect if before next year – she told me she does all the photography while the weather is good, then spends the rest of the year writing it up.

    Adding fragrance oil to wooden balls

    This is a great way to fragrance small areas like drawers and cupboards, or make a big display as a modernist alternative to potpourri. I used an Autumnal spiced apple fragrance.

    Converting my lavender craft Kindle book to a free PDF

    Download it for a free batch of lavender-related hints and tips!

    And knocking together a flower press

    I used bits and bobs found in my garage. My method was rather ad hoc and involved recycling some disused floor tiles! If you want to know how to do it properly, watch the DIY video at the end of the article – wingnuts and all :)