• Fun with dried flowers

    Posted on November 8, 2013 by in Dry flower art

    Images with dried flowers

    I spend a lot of my time on this blog drying flowers, but here are a few pics to show that there is more to dried flowers than potpourri!

    Mona Lisa with dried daisy flower

    Last year I had a lot of fun drying marguerite daisies from my garden in various ways. This one was simply pressed.

    Mona Lisa dried daisy

    Mona Lisa with daisy headband. A dried daisy from my garden.

    Bocca Baciata with dried roses and marigolds

    I love Rossetti’s paintings and have previously made an attempt at Fair Rosamund in dried flowers. In the painting of Bocca Baciata (“Mouth that has been kissed”) from 1859, the lady is adorned with a white rose for innocence, marigolds for grief, and there is also an apple in the bottom right hand corner, signifying temptation. So that makes for an intriguing story!

    art with dried roses

    Art with added dried flowers – Rossetti’s Bocca Baciata. The dried roses and marigolds are from my garden.

    Heart with dried delphinium petals

    Delphinium petals make a very popular wedding confetti, as they are very light and float through the air. There is a burgeoning industry for British grown confetti petals.

    delphinium petals union jack heart

    Loving British dried flowers as ever – Union Jack heart made with British delphinium petals.

    Dried flowers heart

    This is a little heart shaped tray containing a selection of dried flowers from my garden including mock orange, geranium, love-in-a-mist, lavender, pelargonium, rose, daisy, verbascum, poppy and salvia.

    I heart dried flowers

    I heart dried flowers – especially these ones grown in my own garden!

    See also – some vintage images from the British Library adorned with dry flowers