• Dried flowers diaries | March 2014

    Posted on March 30, 2014 by in Diary

    Spring is here!

    Both by the arrival of the Equinox and the milder weather. My garden is sprouting in all directions, and the birds are taking a keen interest in my compost heap!


    Pressed flower project

    I even started my first pressed flower project since the Autumn, albeit unsuccessfully. I picked some viola flowers on the stem with leaves, with the intention of being a touch more naturalistic than the usual flower head only. I picked about nine and because it was only a small project, popped them inside folded up blotting paper under a ream of paper for weight. Then my husband kicked them by accident, unbeknownst to me (serves me right for leaving them on the floor). And I now have 9 wrinkly pressed violas! I have now picked another batch to try again!

    pressed flower project viola before

    A viola flower with leaves I picked to press and dry

    pressed flower project viola after

    Another viola flower I pressed from the same batch, after a week

    Mothers Day is today

    I was very lucky to get a few chocolatey treats, a visit to a garden centre and a walk today with my family. And here is a post with some dried flower craft ideas for Mothering Sunday.

    happy mothers day

    Looking forward with my fingers crossed for a warm and pleasant Spring,
    Ruth x
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