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    Posted on May 13, 2014 by in Dry flower art

    Lockets for pressed flowers from Michaels

    While on holiday to the US last month, I came across a great craft store called Michaels. Much like Hobbycraft in the UK, it is maybe not the cheapest place to buy bits and pieces, but makes up for it with a fantastic range.

    Michael's craft store

    Me outside Michaels craft store in Orlando

    Amongst quite a large bagful of stuff*, I came away with some steampunk-style lockets (similar items are available online in the UK – try eBay, Amazon and Etsy).

    michaels lockets perfect for pressed flowers

    Michaels craft lockets

    Perfect for a very simple pressed flower project!

    For this one I used pressed dried flowers from my shop: pressed daisies; pressed forget-me-nots, and pressed violas.

    three empty lockets

    Three empty lockets with pressed dried flowers ready to use

    To make a pressed flower necklace you will need:

    • Lockets
    • Pressed flowers
    • A small quantity of pva glue
    • Necklace cord
    • Scissors
    • Tweasers


    1. Choose a pressed flower of a suitable size for your chosen locket.
    2. Cut it to size if necessary (I had to cut down my forget-me-nots).
    3. Use a tiny dab of glue to fix the flower in place inside the open locket. Don’t shut the locket until the glue has dried.
    4. Attach necklace cord for a finished item.
    pressed flower necklace

    Three flower lockets with forget-me-nots, daisies and violas

    locket necklaces

    Finished locket necklaces with dried flowers and black cord

    Optional – Use a decorative paper backing for your dried flowers if you don’t mind whether or not the locket is see-through.

    *Stuff consists of a big haul of Pandora-style bracelets and beads; mini chalkboards, and some very vibrantly patterned wrapping paper, with no particular plans as to what to do with them!

    Related links – how to press flowers at home – you don’t need a commercial flower press to be able to make some pressed daisies from the park.

    Thanks for reading!

    Ruth x