• Dried flower inspiration at Cambridge Botanic Garden

    Posted on March 9, 2018 by in Growing dry flowers

    Dried flowers growing in sunny Cambridge

    There are various types of flower that are particularly good for drying. I visited Cambridge Botanic Garden last summer with friends and was surprised how many I spotted growing.

    dried flowers lonas

    This yellow dried flower lonas is also known as yellow ageratum

    dried flowers cambridge - lavender research

    The lavender collection is very strong at Cambridge due to research interests of a former curator

    lavender dries well

    Lavender is possibly the ultimate dried flower

    blue dried flower

    Meadow planting with Echinops which makes a fab blue dried flower

    meadow flowers

    Berkheya and marjoram flowers in a meadow planting

    marjoram dries well

    Pick bunches of marjoram to dry just as they come into flower

    berheya flowers

    Berkheya dries to almost metallic – I’m looking forward to trying this!

    Last time I visited, I enjoyed watching the bees on lavender.

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