Ten uses for dried lavender

Dried lavender has many uses

Dried lavender is gaining popularity at the moment for home crafts. Many people have a lavender bush in their garden and can dry their own, or it is very easy to source online. Paradoxically, I think my old Aunt Nancy (born in 1924) was a member of the last generation to dismiss lavender as something associated with old ladies! These days the first thing to come to mind is aromatherapy.

Top ten uses for dried lavender

1. Making lavender bags
embroidered dried lavender bag

Fill an empty fabric bag or decorative paper envelope with a handful of dried lavender to freshen small spaces. They make unusual gifts and can be very personal if handmade. For a non-sew fabric bag, just place a handful of lavender inside a fabric square or circle and tie with a ribbon.
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2. Sleep aid
Try keeping a relaxing lavender bag by your pillow for a good nights sleep. The action of lavender can be enhanced by the addition of dried hops to make a lavender and hop pillow. Soothing chamomile also combines well with lavender and has a pleasant, apple-like fragrance.
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3. Drawer freshener
Dried lavender will bring a linen-fresh scent to your clothes. Just leave a lavender bag in each drawer or the airing cupboard, and squeeze regularly to refresh the scent – this releases the natural essential oils from the buds.

4. Moth repellent in wardrobes
lavender pomander

Although lavender does not kill moths and won’t cure an infestation, they don’t like the smell and will avoid areas protected with lavender. Make a lavender pomander or hang lavender bags in the wardrobe.
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5. Insect deterrent
Flies are also deterred in a similar way. Try leaving some dried lavender buds or bunches near open windows to stop them coming in. Particularly useful near farmland! In A Good Year by Peter Mayle, an old house in Provence is even protected from scorpions by dried lavender around the window frames – not much call for that in the UK climate!

6. Potpourri ingredient
lavender lime potpourri

The most popular and traditional combination is lavender and dried rose buds or petals. This would make a pretty bowl for a sitting room or bedroom, and can be enhanced with fragrance oils or essential oils. For a zingy combination suitable for the kitchen or bathroom, try mixing lavender with citrus such as dried orange or lime.
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7. In food
Culinary grade dried lavender is needed for this (if buying), or dry your own Lavandula Angusifolia or Intermedia. Try making lavender shortbread by adding a couple of teaspoonfuls to your favourite shortbread recipe, or make a lavender infusion (tea) to aid sleep.
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8. Wedding favour
Lavender bags make lovely wedding favours. They are inexpensive and useful to take home and put in a drawer or by your bed. The bag can also be colour co-ordinated to the wedding theme.
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9. Wedding confetti
Dried lavender is natural, fragrant, biodegradable, and throws like rice. It is becoming increasingly popular, especially where there is a vintage or country theme.

lavender confetti ivory rosebuds

10. Decoration
Dried lavender bunches are beautiful around the home, especially in a country cottage setting, and add a delicate fragrance at the same time. Hang in an entrance porch to provide a nostalgic  welcome. For a table centre, a free-standing sheaf can be made by tying together a few handfuls of stems.

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