• Making a small dried flower bunch with lavender

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    How to make a dried flower bunch with lavender, wheat and delphinium

    This pretty little dried flower bunch is only 18cm long.

    dried flower bunch


    To make this dried flower bunch you will need

    dried flower bunch equipment

    • Scissors
    • About 50cm ribbon
    • 30-50 dried lavender stems
    • One dried delphinium spike to break down into florets
    • 3 dried wheat stems

    dried lavender bunch


    First make a dried lavender bunch

    Arrange the lavender stems neatly and tie with the ribbon.

    Tie a neat bow and trim the ends of the ribbon.

    Next add the other dried flowers

    lavender wheat bunch delphinium


    Push the wheat stems under the ribbon so they are arranged symmetrically.

    Separate 3 or 4 florets with stems from the delphinium flower spike.

    Push the floret stems behind the bow so that they are held in place.
    Tip – if you find placing the delphiniums fiddly, try using a glue gun instead.

    Trim all the stems of the dried flowers to your preferred length.

    delphinium florets


    The finished dried flower bunch

    dried flower bunch


    We make this bunch in our workshop and sell it for £3.99. It is especially popular as a wedding decoration, and so we quite often sell 20 or 30 to one person. It also makes a lovely nostalgic gift. Why not save a little money by making your own!

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