Dried lavender crafts

Dried lavender crafts in abundance!

Dried lavender is such a versatile natural product that it is hard to write about dried flowers without mentioning it.
Check out my blog post Ten uses for dried lavender, or below are a few more.
dried lavender bunches drying

Dried lavender in food

In my opinion, dried lavender is best used in sweet recipes. I have eaten it as a flavouring for roast meat, but couldn’t help thinking it would have been better without.
Make a little lavender essence by infusing a few spoonfuls of culinary lavender in boiling water (for immediate use), and stir into vanilla ice cream.
Make lavender shortbread
Make lavender tea
Make lavender hot chocolate

Dried lavender in aromatherapy

Dried lavender is famously relaxing as it contains soothing essential oils – especially varieties of Lavandula Angustifolia. Check out my blog post Ten ways to relax with lavender.
Make a cup of lavender tea as a soothing experience (see dried lavender in food above).
Keep a lavender bag under your pillow
Make a no-sew lavender bag
Make a no-sew, no-tie lavender bag
Make a lavender and oats bath soak

Make some soothing potpourri containing dried lavender and lavender essential oil using traditional methods.
How to make potpourri

Dried lavender in potpourri

Dried lavender has been the traditional basis for potpourri since medieval times – see link above for a general introduction to potpourri making. Depending on what it is mixed with, dried lavender can be soothing and relaxing in the bedroom (on its own or with chamomile), sweet and fresh in the sitting room (with roses), or fresh and clean in the bathroom or kitchen. Here is a recipe suitable for the latter:
Lavender and lime potpourri recipe

Traditional crafts with dried lavender

Try making a lavender bottle
Make a lavender pomander
Corn dollies with lavender

Traditionally, dried lavender has also been used to battle the clothes moth in wardrobes and drawers due to camphors present in the essential oil.
Lavender as a moth repellent

Dry your own lavender

Many gardens have a lavender bush, so why not make the most of it? Or choose one at the garden centre to suit your needs. Cut bunches of lavender stems and dry them yourself – drying your own lavender is easy!
Lavender and bees
How to choose lavender that will dry well
How to dry lavender

Dried lavender for weddings

Many brides now choose to carry a dried flower bouquet down the aisle, because as well as being extremely pretty, they are inexpensive, long lasting, and tie in with the popular relaxed country style wedding theme. All the bouquets I have made up myself for brides contain dried lavender stems as they have fragrance and retro charm.
Mixed bridal bouquet with lavender
Bridal wedding shoot with lavender bouquet

But it doesn’t just stop at bridal bouquets. Give a bridesmaid a small bunch of dried lavender or a lavender wand to carry. Decorate the invitations with dried lavender. Make heart decorations with dried lavender stems. Use a mini lavender bunch to decorate a napkin ring. Use a freestanding lavender sheaf as a table centre.
Make small lavender bunches
Make a lavender wand
Make a lavender heart decoration

Give lavender bags as wedding favours – they are a useful gift that can be used to fragrance a drawer or placed under a pillow (see aromatherapy above).

Use dried lavender as a fragrant confetti that throws like rice –  choosing natural wedding confetti. See a real wedding where dried lavender mixed with rose petals made for great natural confetti & photos.

The possibilities are endless!
Dried lavender as a wedding theme

Dried lavender – find out more

Check out my eBook about lavender or free lavender craft PDF

Buy dried lavender

All the dried lavender you need for these projects is available to buy online. At daisyshop.co.uk, you can choose to support British growers by looking for UK-grown dried lavender and bunches. But we also sell Provencal loose lavender and bunches, organic lavender, extra blue lavender (Angustifolia), and extra fragrant lavender suitable for lavender bags. So have a look and take your pick! Buy ready-made lavender bags and lavender oil too.

Other specific items mentioned in the above article are lavender sheaves and lavender mini bunches which are hand-tied to order in our workshop. We love working with dried lavender.

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