No sew no tie lavender bag make

Make a no-sew no-tie lavender bag from a scrap of fabric

Following on from yesterday’s post on a no sew lavender bag, I have taken it one step further and eliminated the need for knots and bows! Just take a scrap of fabric, some pinking shears and a handful of dried lavender flowers, plus some pretty elasticated bracelets. I got mine from a fashion chain for £2 for 5. This lavender bag will be two gifts in one!

no sew no tie lavender bag

How to make this lavender bag

As in my previous post, cut a 25cm (10″) square of fabric using pinking shears for a neat edge. I used a roll of lavender colour organza I already had, but any scrap fabric would be fine, especially patterned or vintage materials.

no sew no tie lavender bag equipment

Fill with one large handful of dried lavender flowers (about 15g) placed in the centre of the square, hold by the corners, and wrap the elasticated bracelet(s) around a few times to hold in place. The top photo uses three narrow bracelets, but you may wish to use a single more substantial one.

no sew no tie lavender bag detail

Use these pretty bags to fragrance linen; next to your bed for the relaxing aroma, or as an unusual gift or favour.

Variation – make a potpourri bag with dried flowers

Why not replace some of the dried lavender with other naturally fragrant dried flowers from the garden such as rose buds and petals and chamomile or herbs like mint, artemisia or geranium leaves?

Shopping links for dried lavender and lavender bags

Buy dried lavender suitable for lavender bags
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  1. What a great new idea! something I never thought of. We are holding a charity dinner and I shall be using these as ladies guest gifts. One thought though, have you tried using wedding favour circles – ready cut available in many colours – less work.

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