How to make potpourri – overview

Find out about making potpourri at home

Potpourri making can be very rewarding and is a great way to preserve flowers, petals and  leaves from your Summer garden. Find out more by following these links:

tips for potpourri making at home

How to make potpourri – the basics

Why you don’t need orris root powder to make potpourri

How to fragrance wooden balls for a modern take on potpourri

My potpourri recipes

Lavender lime potpourri recipe

Sweetheart potpourri recipe with dried rose buds and petals

Christmas potpourri with cinnamon & orange

Making potpourri from your garden

Scented leaf potpourri with sweet garden herbs

Winter rose potpourri recipe

Simple natural rose potpourri

handmade potpourri recipe in bowl

And for more potpourri hints and tips see my potpourri making category

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