• How to fragrance wooden balls

    Posted on October 20, 2013 by in Potpourri making

    Scented wooden balls are a popular alternative to potpourri

    Scented wooden balls can fragrance a room or small space in a modern minimalist way.

    Fragrancing wooden balls

    These beechwood balls are attractive in their own right, with the grain clearly visible in the shiny curved surface. The honey coloured wood is further enhanced by the addition of fragrance oil, which deepens the tone to gold and improves the natural sheen.

    I chose Spiced Apple fragrance for an Autumnal theme, but Fresh Linen would be a great idea if you wanted laundry fresh drawers and cupboards – just place a few balls wherever you want the fragrance to linger.

    wooden balls

    Wooden balls

    Adding fragrance oil to wooden balls

    Adding fragrance oil to wooden balls

    Fragrance oil soaking in to wooden balls

    Fragrance oil soaking in to wooden balls

    scented wooden balls

    Scented wooden balls

    How to make scented wooden balls

    You will need
    Wooden balls 2.5cm diameter
    Fragrance oil
    Plastic bag

    Place the balls in a plastic bag and drip on a few drops of fragrance oil. Seal the bag and massage the oil into the balls. You will notice the wood changing colour. Add more oil as necessary to provide an even sheen. Leave sealed in the bag overnight to allow the fragrance to permeate through the balls. Display, repeating the above process as necessary when you notice the fragrance fade.

    [Avoid contact of the oils and coated balls with the skin. Avoid polished, painted and synthetic surfaces and textiles, and keep out of reach of children and pets.]


    1. The balls I used were beechwood but rubberwood is also common.

    2. This method is for home fragrance oils only. Don’t try it with essential oils as they are thinner and more volatile. They will evaporate rapidly, losing their fragrance, and fail to provide an attractive sheen on the balls.

    3. These are sometimes available drilled and in varying sizes – thread some onto a shoelace for an unusual garland.

    4. Dot a few scented wooden balls about in traditional potpourri to boost the fragrance.

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6 Responses so far.

  1. Wendy Chapman says:

    Please can you tell me where I can purchase the plain wooden 2.5cm Beech wood balls

    • Ruth says:

      Hello Wendy, we used to sell these balls at daisyshop.co.uk but weren’t selling enough to make it viable to continue. I’m pretty sure you can get them on eBay though. Best wishes, Ruth.

  2. hi ruth.. can you tell me how to use them after fragmenting them? i mean do i keep them loose in my cupboard or in a plastic/cloth pouch?

    • Ruth says:

      Hello! I would recommend putting the scented balls in a fabric bag. This will make them easier to find later! Also, it will protect the items in the cupboard from direct contact with any residual oils left on the balls. Don’t use plastic as it will stop the fragrance escaping. With best wishes, Ruth

  3. Lorraine says:

    Hi Ruth, how long will scent stay on the ball?

    • Ruth says:

      Hello Lorraine, I’m afraid the answer is a bit variable, depending mainly on your room temperature, as the fragrance evaporates slowly. I would say at least a few weeks. Ruth x