• Make a pink dried flower bouquet

    Posted on November 6, 2015 by in Bouquets

    DIY dried flower bouquet

    Make your own bouquet from dried flower bunches such as delphiniums, dried oats, and daisy-like white rhodanthus flowers.

    How to make a dried flower bouquet

    I used one bunch each of the flowers listed above, except the rhodanthus, which only required 12-15 stems. As well as the flowers, you will need some ribbon, an elastic band, secateurs and sharp scissors for this DIY project.

    pink dried flowers for diy dried flower bouquet

    Start with four bunches of dried flowers

    strip dried delphinium stem for DIY hand-tied bouquet

    Prepare the delphinium stems by removing any side shoots and sharp sticks

    Make a DIY hand-tied bouquet

    making dried flower bouquet

    Holding the bouquet in one hand, slowly build it up by adding a flower at a time (a few stems of oats), rotating the bunch a little each time and slowly placing the stems lower down the bunch

    DIY hand-tied bouquet

    Tie a ribbon around the flowers. (L-R) Wrap the ribbon around the flowers three times; tie a half-knot so that one end points top right; make a loop with each end; wrap one loop around the other and pull through. If you’re not confident that the ribbon will hold the flowers in place, wrap an elastic band around the stems before you start and hide it underneath

    Finished professional-looking bow. Trim the ribbon ends at an angle and cut the stems straight across.

    Display the dried flowers as a gift or in a vase

    finished bouquet

    The finished bouquet is about 45cm long and is suitable to give as a gift, or skip the ribbon stage and display informally in a jug

    Make a floral posy with the trimmings

    matching dried flower posy

    Collect together all the loose stems that are left over for a small matching posy

    These flowers are available as a DIY pack in our shop via this link (along with instructions, ribbon and gift tag):
    DIY dried flower bouquet kit

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