Dried flowers diaries June 2013

June: a month of Photography

Photos of dried wedding flowers

At the beginning of the month I was emailed by Tess, a happy bride who had used my dried flowers at her wedding, with a link to a lovely blog post written by her photographer Esme Ducker.

dried flowers wedding flowers kiss

Tess and Charlie wedding kiss with dried flowers.

A visit from a gardens photographer – potpourri making

Then this week I was visited by Nicola Stocken who is writing a potpourri-making article. We made potpourri from dried flowers from my garden.

potpourri making with garden flowers

I spent an afternoon potpourri making in my garden with a photographer. This photo was taken by me.

Photographing my own flowers and drying projects

Not to mention photographing my own garden and dried flowers:

drying garden flowers

Mixed flowers ready for drying including fuchsias, roses, scented leaf pelargoniums, marigolds, geraniums and herbs.

pretty dried flowers

Pretty dried flowers including aquilegia, marigold petals, fuchsia, geranium, pelargonium flowers.

drying garden flowers

Some pressed flowers including marguerite, geranium, viburnum, carnation and Mexican orange.

drying garden flowers

A basket of whole roses and rose petals ready to dry, including the varieties Constance Spry and Margaret Merill.

drying garden flowers

Flowers ready to dry from my garden: white peonies, scented carnations, chamomile flowers, pot marigolds, cornflowers, and geranium flowers.

Pictures of herbs everywhere

In June, I received some images from GeoWear who used our dried roses at the Chelsea flower show, had an article on dried lavender published in Herbs magazine, and published a post on chamomile flowers.

chamomile flower garden

Chamomile flower growing amongst my vegetables.

All in all a busy but rewarding month!

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