• No sew lavender bag make

    Posted on May 14, 2012 by in Lavender craft

    Make a no sew lavender bag from a scrap of fabric

    No stitching needed for this lavender bag, just a handful of dried lavender flowers, a square of fabric and some ribbon.

    no sew lavender bag equipment


    How to make this lavender bag

    Cut a 25cm (10″) square of fabric using pinking shears for a neat edge. I used a roll of lavender colour organza I already had, but any scrap fabric would be fine, especially patterned or vintage materials. I like the organza because you can see the pretty colour of the lavender through it.

    Fill with one large handful of dried lavender flowers (about 15g) placed in the centre of the square, hold by the corners, and tie with ribbon. The ribbon I used came with beads threaded on it for extra glam.

    no sew lavender bag dried lavender


    No sew lavender bag – Tips

    This method is simple to make and therefore popular with Primary schools looking for Mothers Day ideas. It even gives smaller children a chance to try tying knots and bows.

    To hang in a wardrobe, tie on an extra loop of ribbon.

    No other ingredients necessary – if you have good quality lavender, the fragrance will last for months – just give a sharp squeeze from time to time to release more fragrance.

    Great for wedding favours – choose the fabric colour to match your theme.

    Take it one step further – make a no-sew no-tie lavender bag

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