• British seasonal flowers | Peony

    Posted on June 21, 2015 by in Bouquets, How to dry flowers

    British Flowers Week has just finished

    Aimed primarily at promoting British cut flowers and their growers, #BritishFlowersWeek has been a great success online, raising awareness about the provenance of that fresh bouquet. And hand-in-hand with buying British fresh flowers goes the concept of seasonal flowers. And what flower is more seasonal in June than the peony?

    Seasonal flowers | English peonies in June

    english peony delphinium flower arrangement

    This seasonal flower arrangement I spotted at Litlington flower festival has English peonies at its core

    I have just visited a local Sussex village flower festival where garden flowers were celebrated at the height of Summer.

    Drying peonies

    Picking peonies in my garden

    Of course my interest in flower arranging is primarily dried flowers: I have white peonies growing in my back garden, some of which I pick and dry every year – their colour becomes the palest of pinks.
    See before and after pics of peonies from my garden.

    picking English peonies for a bouquet

    Picking English peonies in my garden | Image credit Nicola Stocken

    Drying peonies in my workshop

    I dry flowers for a living, so it’s a real treat to be able to buy British grown peonies in bulk from an English grower, and smell their heady fragrance in my workshop as they dry. The variety of peony I chose this time was Paeonia lactiflora Sarah Bernhardt which is a lovely mid-pink and keeps its colour on drying.
    How to dry flower bunches

    english peony buds

    The peonies are delivered as tight buds with just a hint of colour showing

    British flowers | peonies in full bloom

    After a few days in water the peonies look like this

    British flowers | peonies drying with astrantia

    English peonies hanging up to dry in my workshop alongside British astrantia flowers, against a background of sea lavender

    Selling dried peonies

    peony bouquet

    Dried peonies and astrantia in a dried flower bouquet

    Our Etsy shop is where I sell bouquets and handmade items that are either experimental, or in quantities too small for our main website. There is also the benefit of being able to order from Europe, the US and Canada.
    View dried peony bouquet on Etsy

    The English peonies shown drying in my workshop are not yet ready. Once they have fully dried, hopefully by the end of July, they will be available on the dried English peony page at daisyshop

    Drying turns seasonal British flowers into British flowers which can be enjoyed year-round!


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  1. Annie Mountford says:

    Please would you let me know when you have pale/blush pink peonies available to purchase again. Many thanks

    • Ruth says:

      Hi Annie, Sorry but we haven’t dried any peonies this year. I did buy some darker peony flowers in, but I guess you saw them on the website at daisyshop.co.uk
      Best wishes, Ruth