• Spotting popular dry flowers growing wild in Spain

    Posted on February 4, 2018 by in Growing dry flowers

    Wildflowers to dried flowers

    I went on holiday in Gaucin in Southern Spain with Mike and the kids in August 2017 and, walking near our rented villa, was surprised how many wildflowers and dried grasses I recognised from work.

    Wildflowers, dried grasses and seed heads spotted in Spain

    wild oats dried flowers dried wildflowers

    Wild oats – this dried grass is a great filler for informal flower arrangements – see our bunches of oats at daisyshop.co.uk

    wild lagurus dried flowers dried grasses

    Wild lagurus – we sell bunches of this dried grasss – bunnies tails – whenever we can get them

    wild carrot dried wildflowers

    Wild carrot seed heads have an eyecatching shape – I experimented recently with growing this in my garden to dry


    Trachelium wildflowers – I tried to dry bunches of this blue flower at home but the results were disappointing

    quaking grass

    Wild quaking grass has an elegant sense of movement – Briza maxima – buy dried bunches from daisyshop.co.uk


    Eryngium wildflowers. We have steel blue eryngiums available seasonally, dried in our own workshop


    A few stems of dry allium seed heads look great in a tall vase

    Drying grasses and flowers

    I love drying flowers, and you can see some of my experiments at home in the previous post about drying flowers. Some of these make it to sale at daisyshop.co.uk, but most just end up in small scale projects at home, for example when I had a crop of chamomile which I dried for tea.
    Most of the growing and drying of flowers for work is left to the experts, and daisyshop now has an enviable range of dry flower bunches.

    By the way I never recommend picking wildflowers to dry and didn’t pick any of the ones I saw in Spain!