Making chamomile tea

Relaxing chamomile tea

I recently wrote an article with five uses for chamomile flowers after accidentally growing some in my veg patch.

fresh chamomile flowers

Freshly cut chamomile flowers from my garden.

Suggestion number one in my list was chamomile tea.

Drinking chamomile tea is soothing and relaxing, and sitting down with a cup of tea is a great way of winding down before bed.

chamomile flowers tray

A tray full of chamomile flowers harvested from my garden. Blooms not used in the tea are placed in the airing cupboard (still on the tray) to dry for a few days.

How to make chamomile tea

making chamomile tea equipment

Herbal chamomile tea equipment

You will need:
Chamomile flowers, fresh or dried
Boiling water
Cup & saucer
Sweetener if liked

chamomile tea pouring

Pouring chamomile tea

Just add a dessert spoon of the flowers to enough boiling water for one cup, allow to steep for about three minutes, strain and drink. If you like it stronger, add more flowers, and think about leaving it one or two minutes longer.

Sweeten to taste. I like to use a spoonful of honey as it provides a delicate vanilla undertone to the drink.

I like to drink it in the mid-afternoon sunshine in the garden where it grew.

chamomile tea cup

Cup of chamomile tea

If you are buying dried chamomile for making tea, do make sure it is food grade, because it isn’t always.

Try something similar with lavender flowers

How to dry chamomile flowers

Make a chamomile hair rinse

[Chamomile should be used with care if pregnant, for those with ragweed allergy, or if taking blood thinning medication.]

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