Visit Seventeen Gallery for dried flowers in art

Dried rosebuds feature in art installation

I was intrigued to hear that our dried rose buds would be on display at a London art Gallery!

The rosebud installation is just one part of a larger exhibition entitled Morphing Overnight, which is curated by Attilia Fattori Franchini and runs until 18th April 2015.

“The gallery office has been transformed by the AIRBNB Pavilion, with an installation reinforcing overlaps between spaces of work, domesticity, leisure and display, superimposing a work by Emanuel Röhss on a formal arrangement of domestic potpourri.”

dried flowers art with dried rosebuds

dried rosebuds in dried flowers art

AIRBNB Pavilion, Pavilion Blue, 2015 Vinyl paint, dried rose buds, screen print on mirror, shelf, books, Virgin Atlantic eye-mask, Bloody Mary

art installation with dried rosebuds

I love the cloud-like, billowing nature of the rosebud arrangement which contrasts with the everyday items on the shelf.

The art collective bought 5Kg of pale pink dried rosebuds which they glued to the wall one-by-one.

Image credits: Pavilion Blue by AIRBNB Pavilion at Seventeen Gallery London

Seventeen Gallery
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