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    Posted on December 23, 2013 by in Christmas crafts

    An unusual Christmas decoration with dried flowers

    Last year I read this great article about making dried flowers baubles, and was inspired to try it for myself. I tried two different types of baubles – plastic ones that pull in half from the craft shop, and normal clear glass ones. I have loads of dried plant material from my garden, having spent all summer drying flowers and petals! I chose jewel colours such as red, golden yellow and blue for a Christmas feel.

    dried flower selection for baubles

    Dried flowers from my garden including dried marigolds, roses, lavender, dahlias, pansies, hydrangeas and corn flowers.

    Plastic dried flower Christmas baubles

    These baubles are in two parts which snap together to hold the contents in place.

    placing dried flowers in Christmas bauble

    Building up the design with the dried flowers

    making flower bauble

    dried marigold bauble

    Finished bauble with dried marigolds and hydrangeas.

    flower bauble Christmas decoration

    A completed Christmas decoration with large dried marigold and red rose petals behind.

    floral Christmas decoration

    Finished dried flowers bauble on the Christmas tree.

    Glass dried flower baubles

    These are trickier because there is only a small opening at the top for the dried flowers to fit through. Consequently I only used petals for this one.

    glass baubles dried roses

    Empty glass baubles on a bed of dried rose petals.

    filling bauble corn flower petals

    Filling a bauble with corn flower petals.

    dried rose petal bauble

    Finished bauble containing dried rose petals

    dried corn flower bauble

    Finished bauble containing dried cornflower petals.

     Merry Christmas!

    Well that’s probably my last Christmas post, and possibly my last post of 2013, so
    Best wishes for the festive season!
    Ruth. x

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  1. Johny Salsen says:

    Wow!! That is amazing. I did not realize that the dried flowers can also be made christmas baubles.