Dried Lavender & Oat Bath Recipe

How to make a simple moisturising oat bath with soothing dried lavender

bath bag dried lavender and oats

I was reading about the use of porridge oats in skincare recently, and it reminded me that I used them to soothe my son’s mild eczema when he was small. The oat milk released when the oatmeal is soaked in water has moisturising properties, so can relieve dry itching.

Lavender is used for its aromatherapy properties: it has a soothing effect on the skin (and the nostrils!), and is mildly antiseptic. Try using dried lavender, fresh lavender, or lavender oil.

Use a pretty ribbon and you have a very inexpensive gift!

Making the dried lavender & oat bath bag


  • Porridge oats
  • Some loose weave cloth
  • Ribbon
  • Fresh or dried lavender flowers or lavender essential oil

dried lavender oat bath ingredients


Cut a 12″ (30cm) square of cloth. I used butter muslin – this would make a pretty gift. But if it’s not going to be a gift, then a piece of old net curtain would do just as well, and I’ve even heard of old socks being used!

Place two handfuls of the oatmeal on the square of cloth (about 100g).

Add a few drops of soothing lavender essential oil if liked, taking care not to mark the cloth, or a small handful of dried lavender flowers. This will add a relaxing fragrance and has mild soothing antiseptic properties, making a more luxurious gift. (Only use fresh lavender flowers if you’re going to use it straightaway).

Pull up the four corners evenly so that the oats are contained in the cloth, and tie with the ribbon. I made a hanging loop with the ribbon so the bag can be hung under a tap.

How to use your dried lavender & oats bath bag

Either throw in the bath or hang under to tap to allow the water to run through it. This will cause the water to turn milky. Squeeze the bag to enable more of the milk to be released. Relax and enjoy your moisturising aromatherapy moment!

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