How to make a lavender bottle

Lavender bottles are a beautiful and traditional way to capture the scent of lavender.

The lavender bottle is a traditional French country craft not commonly seen in the UK. This style of lavender wand is referred to as a lavender bottle because of its shape. It is widely seen in France and America, but not so common here. Because it relies on using fresh pliable lavender stems, it is a seasonal craft (lavender flowers in the UK between June and August). The fact that the lavender flowers are contained inside the ribbon makes this design robust and tidy.

lavender bottle

To make the lavender bottle

You will need:

  • 13 fresh lavender stems, about 30cm long, stripped of leaves & twigs
  • Ribbon 5mm width, 2-3m length
  • Sharp scissors
  • String

First tie the bunch tightly just under the flower heads with the string. Then bend back on themselves at the string without snapping the stems.

Weave the ribbon in and out of the stems, starting next to the string and slowly hiding the lavender flowers and enclosing them. Adjust the tension while weaving to form the bottle shape round the flower heads.

Tie off with a bow for a completed wand leaving the stems loose (as per photo), or continue down the stems for a more decorated look.

The bottles will gradually dry out naturally. Make sure they are stored somewhere with good airflow during this process to avoid mould developing.

Uses of lavender bottles

Handmade lavender bottles would make a thoughtful gift, and after making in the summer, they could be stored for use at any time of year. They are at their best if used to fragrance small areas such as a linen cupboard or drawers. The scent can be refreshed if necessary using a drop or two of lavender essential oil.

[If using lavender essential oil to refresh the wands, avoid contact with polished, painted or synthetic surfaces and take care in case it marks textiles].

Buy lavender essential oil

A similar craft using dried lavender stems not fresh

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  1. Jeanna M says:

    Hi, I came here from Brocante home blog. I can’t wait to look around. She had linked to your lavender bottle directions. I was curious and so I followed it. When I got here I went oh!, a Lavender wand. I am from the south in the US and that is what we call them. I am going to use the instructions to try one for myself. Thanks for the tutorial.

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