Mothers Day Makes

Mothers Day Heralds the Start of Spring

natural mothers day makesI always love late winter/early spring because it is full of promise. If we have an afternoon or two of golden sunlight, we treasure the small taster of things to come. For me, Mothers Day represents the start of spring when I love to see daffodils and primroses by the side of the road.

Using Dried Flowers for Mothers Day Gift Ideas

A dried flower or fresh bouquet

dried lavender delphinium wheat bouquet

Dried lavender delphinium and wheat bouquet

Why not pick a posy from the garden (it always surprises me what looks good even this early in the year) or gather together some dried flowers to make your own bouquet? If you are a seasoned dried flower crafter you probably have a stash of material you dried last summer!
How to dry flowers in your airing cupboard

Make a lavender bag, dried flower scented sachet or sleep pillow.

Buy an empty bag or make one, and fill it with dried lavender to refresh drawers and linen, aid sleep and keep the moths away. It can be squeezed periodically to refresh.

Add some rose buds or petals for a mixed dried flower scented sachet with a sweet fragrance.

Add some dried hops or chamomile to the dried lavender for a sleep pillow.

lavender soap slice

Handmade lavender soap slice

Fill a gift basket with your dried flower crafts

Put together your own lavender scented gift basket with handmade soap, essential oil, lavender bag, lavender bunch, or potpourri.

Make some homemade potpourri

Try making rose potpourri for a sitting room, lavender for a bedroom or citrus for a kitchen. (Traditional potpourri takes up to 6 weeks, but there are other quicker methods.) Here are a couple of recipes:
How to make quick rose potpourri   |  Lavender lime potpourri recipe

Here are some more ideas for using dried flowers on Mothers day

Dried flowers shopping links:

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