Natural rose potpourri

Natural dried roses as potpourri

natural rose potpourriRather than use commercial potpourri, why not try something more natural? Some dried rose buds have more natural fragrance than others, depending on the variety and drying process used. If you are drying your own roses, choose a highly scented variety, as the fragrance will only lessen during the process, and be prepared for variable results!

Rose is considered a mood enhancer, so a bowl in your house may even cheer you up! For a more complex fragrance, try adding a handful of dried lavender and/or other dried flowers such as herbs, or for more ideas try Penny Black’s “The Book of Pot Pourri”, which is full of inspirational ideas and photos (published in 1989, but still available second hand from Amazon).

To boost the aromatherapeutic effect of the roses, try adding a drop of two of rose essential oil from time to time.

[When using essential oils, avoid contact with the skin and always read the label. All oils may mark textiles and polished, painted or synthetic surfaces.]

Where to use rose potpourri around the house

Rose potpourri has a very feminine fragrance so would be ideal in a bedroom, especially if mixed with dried lavender (which aids sleep). It would also be good in a sitting room, and a display bowl would be very pretty. You may wish to avoid the kitchen and dining room as some people find floral scents off-putting when eating.

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