How to Make Paper Confetti Cones

Paper confetti cones

handmade paper confetti cones wedding confetti

Paper cones can hold a variety of items such as sweets, popcorn or potpourri, but we are often approached for confetti cones for weddings. A pack of 12 paper cones can cost upwards of £7.95, but one sheet of A4 heavyweight paper can be as little as 49p and can make two cones. Try using handmade paper made with dried rose petals, pages from a book or even print your own.

1. Use a ruler as a hard edge to tear the paper into 15cm squares. (if using a sheet of A4 paper, you should be able to do 2 squares with a couple of small offcuts left over).
2. Form each square into a cone by choosing a corner to fold into a point and overlapping the paper.
3. Stick down outer edge of the overlap.
4. Once dry, fill with dried rose petals (shown above) or other wedding confetti such as delphinium petals (below). wedding confetti cones

handmade paper dried rose petalsTips
1. Tearing gives a more professional-looking finish as opposed to cutting.
2. The amount you overlap the paper when you make the cone determines how much it will hold, so if you don’t want to use much confetti, have a big overlap! This size holds about 2 handfuls of rose petals.
3. Use high-tack glue if you can get it. This stops the cones falling apart while you wait for them to dry. We found stacking them inside each other helps (but if you are messy with the glue they will all stick together!).

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