Silica gel sand for drying flowers

Silica gel sand is a much finer desiccant than I had used before for drying flowers. After my recent post about trying to dry flowers using silica gel beads, a lovely lady contacted me via Twitter with details of where to buy Petalcraft sand online.

Purpose-made dried flower desiccant from Petalcraft

dried flower desiccant sand

This drying sand was quite expensive but re-usable and came with specific instructions for use with dried flowers.

It is about the same crystal size as granulated sugar, and I have already been experimenting with it, but more of that in a later post!

daisy silica gel sand

daisy drying silica sand

Check back in a day or two for the full story of drying daisies!
Update – You can now see how I got on via this link: drying daisies with silica gel sand

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