More dried flower bouquets with lavender

Dried flower bouquets – variations on my previous post

In my last post, I talked about how I make a small dried flower bunch (like the one in the picture below) with dried lavender, wheat and delphiniums.

dried flower bouquet

Here are some simple variations on a theme.

Firstly, this small lavender bunch is what you will end up with after following the first step of making the bunch above.
It has been cut to about 18cm and contains 30-50 lavender stems.

lavender bunch

Or for a larger bunch:

Take a whole handful of lavender – say 250 stems, tie with a ribbon and insert a dried delphinium flower spike in front of the bow.
This dried flower bouquet is about 30cm long.

dried flower bouquet lavender delphinium

For a more relaxed look:
Take the above bouquet of dried flowers, and continue to insert delphinium flower spikes and wheat stems around the outside of the lavender bunch, by poking them behind the ribbon.
You will need about 4 to 6 delphinium spikes and 9 wheat stems.

dried flower bunch delphinium wheat

Why not try making these dried flower bouquets?

We sell everything you need to make these bouquets in my shop – see previous post for shopping links for delphiniums, lavender bunches and wheat. If you are thinking of making a few bouquets, perhaps as gifts or for wedding decorations – you will not only feel the warm glow of having created them yourself, but may save some money too.

If you like these bunches but would prefer to buy them ready-made – just click on the photo for a link to the product page. They are exclusively made in our workshop.

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