Bees love lavender flowers

Not all lavender flowers are equally attractive to bees

As I noticed when I visited Cambridge University Botanic Garden in July.

Flowers at Cambridge University Botanic Garden

The gardens are curated by lavender expert Dr Tim Upson (his PhD is in lavender!), and I was fascinated by his extensive collection there.

bee on lavender flowers intermedia sussex

Lavandula X Intermedia “Sussex”

Surprisingly, not all lavenders seemed equally attractive to bees, with some plants seeming to host hundreds at a time, while only one or two visited others. So if you’re out shopping for bee-friendly plants, it’s probably best to see if you can see any insects visiting them before you buy!

lavender flowers intermedia abriallii

Lavandula X Intermedia “Abriallii

Dried lavender flowers as an insect repellent

Thinking about bees and lavender makes me consider the connection between lavender as an insect repellent and as a good source of nectar.

Lavender plants (particularly Intermedia) produce essential oils which contain camphor compounds. These are unpalatable to insects, which is why dried lavender makes such a good repellent.

So why have I just posted two photos and a video of bees on Lavandula X Intermedia varieties? I think that there is a trade off in bees where the instinct to avoid camphor laden plants is overridden by the benefits to the bee of the quantities of pollen & nectar to be had.

Incidentally, the lavender essential oils which are most soothing and most commonly used in aromatherapy are the Angustifolia varieties, which have a much lower camphor level. I wonder  – if I compared the number of bees on Angustifolia varieties with those on Intermedia – would there be a correlation?

I think another trip to Cambridge might be in order!

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