Drying Sea Lavender in the Workshop

Sea lavender is hardly changed by drying

This summer I hung up some sea lavender (limonium) stems to dry in our workshop. I chose them to dry because I had heard they were easy, and seen some wedding bouquets with sea lavender this year. It turns out you can hardly tell the difference between the fresh and dried flowers!

drying sea lavender

Fresh sea lavender flowers starting the drying process

I chose both pink and lavender colour flowers to dry and hung them upside down in bunches of just a few stems tied with an elastic band. Our workshop is warm and dry and the bunches were touch dry in about a week. I left them hanging for about another month, simply because I was busy with other projects.

dried sea lavender bunch

Dried sea lavender bunch after about a month – pretty much unchanged

From a distance the flowers are a bit like gypsophila (baby’s breath), with tiny flowers held on strong stems. The closer you look at them the prettier they are, and I couldn’t resist taking a few close up photos.

sea lavender detail

Dried sea lavender flower detail – lavender colour

pink flowers detail

Dried sea lavender flowers detail – pink

I am so pleased with these dried flowers that they are now available to buy online at www.daisyshop.co.uk  Buy dried sea lavender

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