Dried cosmos flowers mark the end of summer

Cosmos flowers are so cheery well into October

I couldn’t resist picking a few of the last flowers of the summer to preserve. Cosmos flowers are so simple and daisy-like, I can never resist growing them in my garden.

cosmos flowers

Pretty pink and white cosmos flowers growing in my garden

cosmos flowers ready to dry

The cut cosmos flowers laid out on kitchen roll

I placed the cosmos flowers flat (without their stems) in the airing cupboard for a week. The dried flowers were soon preserved for use over the winter.

Comparing the dried flowers

white dried cosmos flowers

White cosmos flowers dry to palest cream

pink dried cosmos flowers

Cosmos flowers shrink on drying

cosmos dried

The yellow daisy like centres of the dried cosmos flowers

Using the dried flowers

I was very pleased with the results, and have used the dried cosmos flowers as a potpourri topper: they are decorating some potpourri I made a few weeks ago with rose and geranium dried flowers.

dried rose potpourri cosmos topper

Home made rose potpourri with cosmos flowers on top

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  1. Sue says:

    Very lovely idea! I think this is good choice for home decoration idea :)

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