Use cinnamon sticks to make a cinnamon fragranced bundle

Turn cinnamon sticks into a cinnamon bundle

It’s Christmas crafting season, so if you fancy trying something simple, why not give this a go? This is how we make cinnamon bundles in our workshop. I will be adding further autumn/winter and Christmas dried flower crafts to this website over the next few weeks.

The key to a good cinnamon bundle is the fragrance

cinnamon bundle cinnamon sticks

Inconveniently, cinnamon sticks give off most of their fragrance when broken up, so to use them whole, paint with a little cinnamon fragrance oil instead. A quick method is to put all the cinnamon sticks into a plastic bag, dropping in a little oil, then massaging into the sticks through the bag. These can then be carefully removed onto some blotting paper to dry.

The cinnamon sticks can then be tied in a bundle with some raffia. We use 15cm long cinnamon sticks in bundles of 5.

cinnamon sticksThe completed cinnamon bundles have a great fragrance and can be used as tree decorations, small gifts, or as an alternative to potpourri.

If you don’t fancy making your own, you could cheat and buy them ready-made in our workshop! Cinnamon bundles.

Our cinnamon sticks are very popular at this time of year. They are 15cm long various pack sizes are available.

Tips for applying the cinnamon fragrance oil

Alternative methods for covering the cinnamon sticks evenly with the fragrance oil are:

1) pour the oil into a small spray bottle (available from the travel department in a chemist shop) and spray evenly, making sure the surrounding area is protected from the oil.

Or 2) Use an artists paintbrush to transfer the oil from the bottle and paint onto the sticks.

[Warnings – Try and avoid contact of the oil on your skin in case of sensitivity – keep the oil and fragranced bundle away from polished, painted and synthetic surfaces and textiles in case they leave a mark.]

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