How to make a dried lavender heart wreath Part 2

Decorate a heart wreath with dried lavender flowers

In my last post (part 1) I described how I made a heart wreath like the one below from salim stems.

heart wreath trimmed

Part 2 – Adding the dried lavender flowers

dried lavender flowers heart wreath

Materials needed to make the dried lavender heart wreath

Handmade heart wreath – the one I made was about 22cm high
Dried lavender stems
Tape measure
Black cotton


attaching dried lavender heart wreath

I took 9 dried lavender stems of varying length for each side and attached them with black cotton.

lavender heart wreath

The cotton holding the dried lavender flowers in place will be hidden by the raffia bow.

Once the dried lavender flowers had been attached to the heart wreath, I tidied up all the loose ends of thread, raffia and lavender stems.

Finally, I took about a metre of raffia, doubled it up, wrapped it round the point of the heart and made a big bow.
I created a hanging loop by threading a loop of raffia through the knot at the top of the heart, and here is the finished item.

Shopping link – buy dried flowers for this project

Buy a bunch of dried lavender stems

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  1. How lovely – may have a go at this

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