Dried flowers diaries July 2013

Picking flowers to dry

This month I have been mostly…picking flowers to dry. At this time of year I am busily pressing flowers or drying them in my airing cupboard to use later. I am gardening or collecting blooms most days when the weather is fair. All this plant material is then stored in old shoe boxes and tupperware ready for craft projects which I can do when the sun goes in! In particular, I’ve got some pressed flower art planned in my head for a rainy day. I’m often asked what people can do if they don’t have an airing cupboard for drying their own flowers and I’ve been writing a post about that.

I love dried flowers

Flowers dried in my airing cupboard at home, including hydrangea, verbascum, love-in-a-mist, mock orange, marguerite, pelargonium, geranium and lavender.

If you are thinking of drying flowers to turn into potpourri, check out my post written this month about why you don’t need orris root powder.

Dried flowers in the media

Continuing the media interest in dried flowers, this blog received a lovely review from Homemaker magazine. “Be it in potpourri, aromatherapy, scented pillows, wreaths, arrangements or craft activities, Ruth provides inspirational projects and expertise”.

Browsing the wedding blog Whimsical Wonderland Weddings I came across this lovely image of a little flower girl holding one of my small bouquets.

dried lavender wedding bridesmaid bouquet

Dried lavender wedding bridesmaid bouquet – isn’t this image wonderful? Kindly supplied by James Melia photography.

I wrote a blog post a little while ago about how to make this bouquet, but the bridal party bought theirs from us. (The little girl has the pink delphiniums turned away in the photo to make a colour balanced image.)

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