A lovely review of Dried Flower Crafts in Homemaker magazine

Dried flowers blog reviewed

In Homemaker magazine issue 8 on page 80 is the “I Spy…” feature “Bringing you a nest-full of inspirational gems from the most creative corners of cyberspace. Voices from the Blogosphere…Our pick of some of the best crafty journals on the web to expand your homemaking knowledge”

Quoting on dried flowers

“Dried flower crafts are in time with the growing interest in natural products”

pressed dried flowers

Pressed dried flowers before and after

 What they said about the blog

“When you explore Ruth Ridley’s dried flower craft blog, there are a few surprises to be had. With a solo mission to combat the dusty association that dried flowers have with the 70s, she examines numerous ways with the dried buds. Be it in potpourri, aromatherapy, scented pillows, wreaths, arrangements or craft activities, Ruth provides inspirational projects and expertise, despite having no formal floristry training. Her dried flower blog is a perfect accompaniment to her interest in gardening; through the craft she seeks to prolong the beauty of summer and revive the vintage art of flower preservation.”

Thank you so much! Check out the Homemaker website for information about the magazine, and a crafty blog.

dried flowers in homemaker magazine

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