Wiring pine cones to make Christmas decorations

Turning my pine cones into Christmas decorations

In my last post I was getting messy making natural Christmas decorations with pine cones, glitter and paint. This time I am adding wire to the cones so I can attach them to the Christmas tree. In a world full of plastic, lets have some natural decorations!

How to wire pine cones

You will need pine cones, flexible florists wire, tape measure, kitchen scissorspine cones wire equipmentCut 40cm of wire and wrap it around the base of the pine cone

making christmas decorations with pine cones

Twist the ends of the wire together to make a tailnatural decorations | pine cone with wire tail

 Wrap the wire around the Christmas tree branchwiring pine cone tree

Tip – not just for Christmas trees!

Use this method to attach pine cones or other woody items to wreaths and garlands. It’s almost invisible and more reliable than glue for heavy items.

More natural decorations with pine cones

Make scented cinnamon cones

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