Dried flowers diaries May 2014

Chelsea flower show

May is Chelsea month. I haven’t been for a few years but was offered a free ticket in exchange for a few hours work in the cloakroom run by Plant Heritage. What a great day out! Here are some of my favourite bits:

chelsea flower show montage

Chelsea flower show L-R from top: a sea of lavender by M&S; decorative chives in the Mind’s Eye garden; foxgloves in the Hope on the Horizon garden; mad outdoor interior design; Orlaya grandiflora the most used flower this year; the RBC Waterscape garden

I have also been to Chelsea Physic Garden and the gardens at Westminster Abbey recently, so if you’d like to read more about these, do check out my articles on the Herb Society blog.

On the dried flower front

Hand-tied dried flower bouquets

I have been making very many dried flower bridal bouquets and wedding decorations at work, to the extent that crafts for fun have gone out the window slightly.

dried flower bouquet lavender bearded wheat

Mixed dried flower bouquet with dried lavender and bearded wheat

Pressed flower frames

However, I was able to use some commercial pressed flowers in some lockets I bought on holiday, to make a pressed flower necklace.

pressed flower frame

Pressed flowers from my garden in a picture frame.

And I finally had some luck pressing viola plants from my garden, and put them into some frames I was able to source for work, to make pressed flower frames.

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