Flower frames with pressed violas

Pressed flowers from my garden

Following on from my previous blog post about pressed flower lockets, I thought I would try something a little larger. This time I used dried flowers pressed from my garden.

garden flowers violas

A few weeks ago I cut some large pieces of viola plant, with stem and leaves, and pressed them. After a false start where the whole batch went wrinkly as described in my dried flower diaries in March, the flowers came out quite well.

pressed viola flowers

Pressed flower frames

What could be simpler than placing these flowers inside a glass frame?
pressed flower frame

These pressed flower frames are see-through, so perfect for a window, or simply use decorative paper inside for a more traditional one-sided picture frame.

Tip – use a tiny drop of pva glue to hold the flower in place – you won’t need much and it will dry clear.

It would be lovely to make a pressed flower collage in a frame like this, so I will have to consider a design.

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