Dried flowers on TV – Home Fires

I’m loving Home Fires on ITV

Not least because they show one of our dried flower bunches every week!

The production company for Home Fires bought a big box of dried flowers from us last October, and Mike & I have been watching avidly in order to spot our products.

The drama is set in a Cheshire village. When the Second World War breaks out, the women find themselves in new roles as the men are called up.

The doctor’s house is full of dried flowers

Dried delphiniums co-ordinate with the curtains

dried flowers pink dried delphinium

Dried pink delphiniums in the doctor’s sitting room window in Episode 2

Dried achillea flowers above the fire

dried achillea flowers

Dried achillea flowers on the mantelpiece in Ep 3

Dried honesty by the door

dried honesty bunch

A bunch of dried honesty in the doctor’s hall in Ep 4

I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the series for two reasons  – firstly, it is a cracking good story, and secondly there are quite a lot of our flowers we haven’t spotted yet!

It has just been confirmed that ITV have commissioned a second series of Home Fires.

Make do and mend with wartime flowers

During the war, space for growing flowers for cutting was at a minimum, with food production a priority, so dried flowers were a colourful and thrifty alternative.

tv dried flowers home fires

L-R above are images of dried honesty, dried achillea and dried delphinium. These are all easy-to-grow flowers that normal people might have grown in their gardens and been able to hang in an airy space to dry.

Our flowers from small screen to silver screen

We just sold our entire stock of Provence dried lavender bunches this week to a film production company making a live action Beauty and the Beast, with Emma Watson as Beauty!

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