Photo shoot with dried flowers

A kitchen full of dried flower bunches

I had a fun time in my kitchen the other week when photographer Thomas Skovsende came to take some pics for an article in Prima magazine.

ruth dried flower bunches kitchenThe article was written by Eimear O’Hagan for a series called “Ladies who Launch” and she did a great job of extracting all the relevant information from me about how Daisy Gifts Ltd came about.

tidying dried lavender bunch

Thomas was lovely and put me at my ease straight away. The idea for the shoot was to illustrate an abundance of flowers.

tying ribbon on dried flower bunchI explained to Eimear that I started off working out of my spare room and that the kitchen table was my office for a good few years. These days, home is still where I will try out new projects, and I sometimes bring home large bouquet orders so that I can work in the most comfortable surroundings.

billy buttons dried flower bunchesEimear asked about our best selling products, so I had to mention our lavender bags which are popular with gift shops; dried rose petals which have featured in the film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them; chamomile flowers for their soothing fragrance, and pretty delphinium bunches, with billy buttons being a recent addition to the “popular” list.

 Dried flowers from the shop

white rhodanthus bunchWhite rhodanthus

dried pink rhodanthus flowersPink rhodanthus and oats

dry billy buttons stems

Billy buttons stems and loose chamomile flowers

filling lavender bags

filled lavender bagsUsing fragrant dried lavender to fill embroidered lavender bags

assorted dried flower bunchesA stack of dried flower bunches

detail lavender bunches

Our popular dried lavender bunches from Provence

All the above images copyright Thomas Skovsende for Prima mag UK.

You can read the article via this pdf: Ruth Prima interview

prima magazine article

prima nov 2016 cover










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