Danish Dried Flower Style

Informal dried flower arrangements in Copenhagen

It was a Big Birthday just before Christmas and Mike took me for a fab few days at the Christmas markets. I was quite surprised how many shops and department stores were using dried flowers to brighten their displays. All pics taken with my smartphone while I was out and about in the late afternoon twilight!

Preserved foliage and ornamental grasses in Magasin du Nord department store

preserved ivory ruscus leaf hoop
Ivory ruscus foliage wreath
preserved ivory ruscus leaves

The two pics above show ivory colour preserved ruscus leaves wired into a hoop for a Christmas display, but it would work equally well for a wedding.

Also in Magasin du Nord was a table display using ivory coloured phalaris grass. This is a simple idea for a wedding table setting – just use ribbon to tie some stems into a napkin:

ivory phalaris grass table setting

Natural and dyed pampas and other grasses featured heavily in other dried flower displays dotted around the store:

dried pampas grass hansen
Natural pampas grass
lunaria seed heads magasin
Natural and dyed pampas and dried lunaria seed heads in a display of ceramics
informal dried arrangement magasin
Bleached and natural grasses including phalaris, bearded wheat and broom bloom
dyed red dried grass arrangement
Dyed pampas, broom bloom and setaria.
The angle here looks a little strange as it is backing on to an escalator.

Market flowers at Torvehallerne

We spotted colourful dried flower stalls both inside and outside at this popular food market.

indoor florist stall
Indoor florist stall
Dried sea lavender flowers
Sea lavender
bullrushes pampas market stall
Bullrushes and miscanthus
Torvehallerne market florist outside
Outside Torvehallerne market – this florist has pussy willow (foreground), proteas (above) and dyed preserved gyp in bright colours
dried banksia
A big stack of dried banksia on a stall outside
dried eucalyptus poker statice dyed phalaris
Dried eucalyptus leaves, poker statice (pink) and dyed phalaris (red)
cafe flowers inside market
Cafe flowers inside the market with lagurus, lavender, pussy willow and phalaris
dry arrangement inside market

Copenhagen florist

This florist shop we spotted one evening had a lovely window display of dry blooms. I looked it up online when I got home – it’s called Faded Flowers

faded flowers copenhagen
Faded Flowers florist shop Copenhagen
helichrysum head wreath
Wreaths made of helichrysum heads
big ruscus arrangement
A big ivory foliage arrangement with ivory ruscus and natural seed pods
dry grasses bouquet dyed and natural
Dry grasses bouquet dyed and natural
bold ivory grasses display
A display of ivory grasses with pampas, honesty, bleached oats and ivory ruscus

Shopping guide for these floristry items

Make arrangements in this style by mixing natural and dyed items in a range of shapes and sizes with plenty of ornamental grasses for an informal look.

All of these are available from my shop – where a link is missing it’s because we are awaiting stock:

Ivory colour preserved ruscus leaves | Ivory coloured phalaris grass

Natural pampas grass | Natural lunaria / honesty / money plant

Bearded wheat stems | Ivory broom bloom

Ivory phalaris grass | Natural setaria grass

Pale pink sea lavender | Natural miscanthus stems

Natural bullrushes | Pussy willow

Protea repens red (protea pendula) | Preserved dyed gypsophila

Dry Banksia |Poker statice bunch

Dried eucalyptus foliage | Dyed phalaris grasses

Natural lagurus grass | Dried lavender bunch

Helichrysum heads | Bleached ivory oats

nyhavn copenhagen

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