How to make lavender tea

Relax with a cup of lavender tea

dried lavender tea garden

Lavender tea is both refreshing and relaxing. Don’t just save it for bedtime – enjoy it on a sunny Sunday afternoon in the garden!

This willow pattern china reminds me of afternoon tea in the garden with my elderly granny and aunt. We used to visit them about once a month when I was small. We would sit on a wrought iron bench on the lawn under a weeping willow tree. All the willow pattern china would be brought out, with pots of tea and lots of cake. I was always made to eat a slice of bread and butter before I could start on the homemade cakes! The old ladies were very much against lavender, and would never have allowed anything but Proper Tea in their pots. They regarded lavender as old fashioned, so times do change!

Making lavender tea

dried lavender culinary lavender tea

pouring lavender tea

You will need

Cup and saucer
Lavender flowers – fresh or dried
Boiling water
Somewhere relaxing to sit

If you have dried your own lavender from the garden, make some lavender tea by infusing 1 level tablespoon dried lavender flowers per cup in boiling water for 5 mins (if you are able to use fresh lavender flowers then use 2 tablespoons of these), strain and sweeten if needed. It always seems more of a treat to sweeten something like this with honey – it makes me think of all those bees visiting the flowers.

Choosing lavender for use in tea

lavender tisane cup

Lavandula Angustifolia (known as English lavender, commonly grown in gardens) is the best variety for food use, as it has a soft and gentle fragrance and less of the camphor elements which are so good at keeping the moths at bay. Avoid lavender with tufty or feathery flower heads as these are likely to be unpleasant. Culinary grade lavender is easy to buy online.

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