Making my own dried flowers – Air dried violas

I’ve been drying flowers in my airing cupboard again!

violas ready to become dried flowers

The sun has been out here in Seaford and I have been able to get on with a spot of gardening. I’m one of those lazy people who never tidies up in the Autumn, so there is lots to do now the Spring is here. I use the excuse that the wildlife likes a bit of disorder! I couldn’t resist some viola and pansy plant packs from the local DIY store, so I’ve been dotting them about in planters and pots all round my patio.

Making dried flowers

air dried flowers violas

Of course I can’t resist using all these flowers for something, so I thought I’d try a bit of old fashioned air drying. After drying on a piece of kitchen roll in the airing cupboard for a couple of days they looked like this. These dried flowers are not flat like pressed flowers, and certainly not perfect, but they’ll make a pretty topper for some homemade potpourri. And they’ll still be around long after the fresh ones have gone over.

While I have easy access to some fresh flowers, I might also have a go at some other dried flower crafts such as making edible crystallised flowers, or pressing them (haven’t done that since I was a girl!), and trying out my microwave flower press. I have also just ordered some silica gel for microwave drying so watch this space…

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