A Christmas potpourri recipe

A Christmas potpourri recipe I love

In our workshop, we make a traditional orange and cinnamon potpourri by hand. We make a few kilos at a time as required, so it is always fresh. It is a simple recipe, so why not make your own?

Christmas potpourri recipe cinnamon sticks orange slices

How to make our Christmas potpourri

Our Christmas potpourri recipe is a chunky mix of cinnamon sticks and dried oranges, with plenty of Christmas spices thrown in.

Place all the ingredients in a thick plastic bag or tupperware box and shake with a few drops of fragrance oil. Leave to permeate for a few hours before using. This should be enough for one large bowl or a few small ones.

Our recipe:
3 handfuls (about 100g) of dried orange slices
5 handfuls (200g) broken up cinnamon sticks
3 whole dried oranges (50g)
1 handful (25g) star anise
1 handful (30g) dried rose hips
1 handful (20g) cloves
5 drops of an orange fragrance oil such as Satsuma and Walnut.
This recipe really is very flexible – just leave out anything you don’t have or try adding: dried chillies  – pine cones – nutmegs – bay leavescedar rosesscented wooden balls – other Christmas fragrance oils.

Two more Christmas potpourri ideas

1. A Simple layered potpourri with Christmas spices and dried flowers

For a simple lavender potpourri with a Christmas twist, why not layer cloves, star anise, and dried flowers such as dried lavender and dried red rose buds carefully in a glass jar or vase. This gives a pretty visual effect as well as a festive spicy fragrance. Add a couple of drops of your favourite Christmas fragrance oil (optional). For a similar Christmas potpourri recipe in more detail – see my recent post winter rose potpourri.

2. Whole dried oranges

whole dried oranges

These dried oranges have such a lovely marmalade aroma, that they would do very well as a modern twist on potpourri in their own right. Just refresh with citrus fragrance oil as required.

[Warnings – Try and avoid contact of the oil on your skin in case of sensitivity – keep the oil and fragranced items away from polished, painted and synthetic surfaces and textiles in case they leave a mark.]

Shopping Links – Christmas potpourri

Follow the links above for the cinnamon sticks, dried orange and other ingredients you need to make this potpourri.

If you don’t fancy making your own Christmas potpourri, you could cheat and buy it – made by us!
Our own Christmas potpourri, hand packed in a clear cellophane bag.

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  1. Denise says:

    I am looking for ideas to make a tool to cut the oranges to dry can someone help me please!!!

    • Ruth says:

      Hi Denise, They’re quite easy to cut. If you’re just doing a few, then kitchen knives should be fine, or garden secateurs for the dried fruit. If you’re doing a lot, it’s a question of getting friends to help. More than that and you’re into industrial processes! Have fun! Ruth

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