More traditional dried flower crafts | Corn craft with dried lavender

Traditional crafts using dried wheat, dried lavender and other dried flowers

A few weeks ago I published a post mentioning Glynn who likes to make traditional corn dollies from dried wheat, into which he sometimes incorporates some dried lavender stems.

He has recently sent me some more lovely photos of his work which I would like to share.

A tip he told me when making corn dollies is that the dried wheat stems are more pliable when damp, so best used this way for tight folding such as the plaits in the  bottom image.

dried wheat horseshoe dried lavender stems

This corn horseshoe is decorated with a little lavender bunch.

dried flowers eggs dried wheat dollies

Pretty egg decorations containing a tiny dried flower bouquet. Corn dollies with dried lavender as mentioned in my previous post.

corn lavender sweethearts

This “sweetheart” design is my favourite using corn and dried lavender as it is slightly more abstract than the others.

Similar crafts using dried lavender flowers

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Shopping links – buy dried flowers and dried wheat for these crafts

Why not try making your own?
Buy dried lavender stems similar to the ones used here
Buy dried wheat   |   More dried flower stems

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